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There are 3 models within the Back Health Series:

Back Health Memory Foam
Memory foam allows the heavier parts of your body and torso to mould into the foam, giving a snug feel around the shape of your body and in so doing keeping the lumber region well supported. Memory foam is used extensively in the back healing process and users report it giving the ultimate in plush sensations

Back Health Latex
Latex mattresses offer durability, breathability and a strong resilience to sagging making them a great bed for anybody’s  future. Latex is considered to be the most natural of fibers and a firm feel to the mattress finish.

Coupled with its tendency to ’spring back’ on the user – they can be viewed as particularly solid sleeping surface. Latex does not sleep hot making it an ideal choice for those who sweat more than usual when resting.

Back Health No-Turn 
This model enjoys a combination of both the Memory foam and Latex mattresses and results in a resting place that contours perfectly to the bodies form with the added benefit of a spring support base. The mattress comes with a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty and has a weight rating of 105kgs per side.


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