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Megapedic Big Boy

Bed Shed Big Boy Double Bed


The Big Boys most outstanding feature is that the whole mattress ensemble rests atop Nested Pocket Spring Technology. Essentially these springs are individually wrapped pocketed springs and provide a complete and silent support for the sleeper. The nested pocket spring is slightly narrower than traditional pocket springs to allow for an extra quota of springs per bed, 30% more in fact, allowing for a no-partner disturbance sleeping experience.

This design specifically aims at keeping Spinal alignment in check. Being a no-turn bed means an easier life for you, and included Reinforced Edge Support walls prevent any sidewall sagging over the course of this beds life.

Bed Shed Big Boy Spring Pic


The long warranty gives peace of mind to its meticulous construction and is testament to the manufacturer’s vigorous testing procedures. All in all, the Big Boy is excellent at cradling the bodies contours. It provides for a mattress that supplies comfortable effective spinal alignment for all weights up to and including 135kg


135kg per side rating
No partner disturbance design
Nested Pocket spring support system
Edge support
Pillow Top comfort
Ideal Application: Adults
12 year warranty


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